Best Bike Weekend Ever Part Three: 626 Golden Streets

To round out the weekend, there were no shortage of great events going on in the area, but I clearly was eager for the second coming of 626 Golden Streets.

This had already been a busy few days with the Amgen Tour of California and BMX Society x Valley Relics Vintage BMX Show

While I’ve blocked out this Sunday for months for a number of important reasons, little did me and my wife pick up that CV Jr’s picture day for her dance recital coincided until this week (I made the discovery if that makes it any less bad).

Already, the first 626 Golden Streets was postponed due to fire and the rescheduled event faced a heavy downpour, so what are the odds that something would happen again?

My apologies and you’re welcome to call me a jinx.

Rain and drizzle were ever present in the morning which worked out on our end as the shoot was done by 11am.

Still, I had great faith that by the time we reached the route that I’d use my prophetic power to make the clouds part and get this party started.

We began near the middle of the route smartly parking where the after party was taking place in Alhambra.

Heading west on Alhambra Road, we quickly passed the street her family lives on and she was instantly proud to see people experience her neighborhood in this manner.


Alhambra Road holding more people on bikes than I’ve ever seen in cars..


We entered South Pasadena right before turning north on Marengo and it was apparent this event was a big deal.

For a five mile course, there was a nicely sized density of all ages biking, skating and walking.


Memorable Marengo


Riding through this quaint foliage and craftsman homes was an experience no one wanted to rush through whether you were a local or newcomer to town.

CV Jr. wanted to stop to play at Garfield Park, but with all the visits we’ve had and probably more in the future, I convinced her we should continue on.


South Pasadena Landmark – Fair Oaks Pharmacy


Heading down Mission, I could see from afar that the business district was having a happy day.

From Fremont to the Gold Line, this section contained the western hub with a lot of activities CV Jr. was drawn to.

Hustle and bustle at the South Pasadena Hub


She’d have to wait a little as our hunger took precedent as we rolled into Mike and Anne’s as we were lucky to get there after the crowds had ebbed.

Always a filling meal, we were entertained by the acts on the nearby stage, although the highlight of the day was actually just off it.


SPPD cutting the rug

After filling up, I was eager to hit the course, but CV Jr. wanted to cash in some chips on playtime so the oversized legos called.

It was becoming apparent that more people were hitting the course as we distanced ourselves from the rain and the crowds definitely proved to be as robust as other big open streets events.


Carly Active SGV

Carly from Active SGV still smiles in the middle of a long day


Making our way out of the hub was hard because we kept on running into people just trying to get across of Fair Oaks.

Coming back through Marengo should have been faster since it was downhill, but Mrs. CV used this opportunity to take pic of details of many homes which I never slow down for when driving.


626 Golden Streets was newsworthy


On the way back to Alhambra, she then wanted to show our daughter her elementary school.

Our little kindergartner might not have gotten the importance, but it was a blissful moment for my wife to bring us back in this type of environment.


Bring out the bakfeits!!!


Winding our way to Main Street, coming across the Alhambra Hub was an eye popper.

Four blocks were closed off for this section and it was filled to the brim with games, performances and vendors who stuck it out through the rain.


Alhambra Hub


This attracted a lot people without wheels who were happy to stroll through the area unencumbered.

CV Jr. wanted to try out the rock wall, even though the wait in line might take us to the end of the event.


PopRock Academy is lit!


While waiting for our turn, we got to take in the action from the nearby stage as a bunch of kids from PopRock Academy got a lot of rubbernecking with their singing and dancing.

Meanwhile, my daughter gave it her all on the rock wall only able to climb a quarter of the way up, but I was proud that she gave it a few more tries until she tired herself out.

Glad she has sticktoitiveness.




Even deep into this hub, we were still only halfway into as we hit the route’s closing at 4pm.

Before we headed back, another detour was made by Alhambra High School where my wife shared a few memories about her formative years.

We returned to our car which I smartly parked in front for an after party from my wife’s friend who as an Alhambra City Council Member was one of the biggest supporters of this event.

It was great coming back to their front lawn filled with bikes that brings back memories of what it was like for me as a child.


Just some of the bikes littering the lawn after 626 Golden Streets


Seeing how much this edition of 626 Golden Streets was special to my family, I’m sure there were many others that this day also resonated with.

Looking forward to Oct 26 when they go at it again in El Monte & South El Monte.