Video: Amgen Tour of California Up Close – Baldy Stage

The beauty of cycling is how you can see the world’s greatest athletes within an arm’s length like the Amgen Tour of California up close.

Fans are super fortunate for the Mount Baldy Stage, not only because the steepness of the climb allows to watch them pass (or even interact) at a reasonable speed, but also how the route lets you see them twice with the Glendora Mountain Road loop.

Last week, I shared a photo journal from the day, but now I’m here to take you one step closer:



For those looking to ask, I shot this footage with my GoPro Hero 7 Black mainly at 120 frames per second, although there are some shots at 60 fps too.

Most of the video was shot on the new “Hypersmooth” mode which gives your camera gimbal like video without having to spend an extra couple hundred on the device.

You can see how stable the footage looked as I ran alongside the leaders, but you can still see some adjustments the camera made as I shifted positions.

I also played around with the resolution and lens angle which was a key learning experience that I can apply better down the line.

Either way, I’m pretty thumbs up happy about the video and look forward to more fun content along these lines.