VIDEO: Beat the Clock Biking to Newhall

Can you ever feel like a tourist in your own city?

My time and resources for travel has been limited, but the desire to get out there never fades.

I’m still getting my biking in, but there’s something about an adventure when you have a different end from the start.

Last Friday, the afternoon opened up where I had a four hour window to do as I please, but do it fast.

I’m always fascinated taking trips on Metrolink because of far reaching and efficient as it is, as well as the experience of relaxing on a train.

Biking to Newhall checked all the boxes in what could be done in that time frame, plus it’s one of my favorite spots to visit in the Santa Clarita Valley.



I knew the return train to the Valley leaves at 2:05pm out of Newhall, so at 10:40am, I just decided to grab what I could (or couldn’t) and head out.

My quick map said it was 32 miles, which is completely doable on road within three hours, but you never know if there’s a mechanical or diversion to alter your plans.

I grabbed my gravel bike thinking the durability and comfort would be worth it over the speed of my road bike and headed out.

The biggest decision biking to Newhall was getting over as going by the Old Road would be quicker, but there’s a few sketchy parts against traffic.

Instead, I opted for the heavy climbing on Little Tujunga partially because it’s (normally) a quiet bypass and I needed to whip myself back into shape after a week off the bike.

While I wasn’t riding at race pace, it was comforting the further I traveled, the more confident I was in beating the clock, so much so that I could dial it back.

I got in Newhall about 50 minutes early which gave a nice buffer to stroll around, grab some nourishment and relax.

Even though I’ve been here plenty of times, having the time to linger around made me feel like I was on vacation.

Whether it’s biking to Newhall or some of the many places Metrolink or transit can take you, try making yourself a tourist.