VIDEO: Send it Saturday- Gravel Verdugos

Gravel Verdugos

As if there’s any question about gravel’s trajectory, our Send it Series is properly following that trend.

Our first ride of the year out of Pedalers Fork was our biggest it yet, but February’s Gravel Verdugos brought people out of the woodwork.

Starting out of Coffee Commissary was a draw in of itself, but this crew numbering three dozen was itching to hit the hills.


Send it Saturday Gravel Verdugos Route – 31 Miles, 4,737 ft of elevation (link)


While there are a good amount of gravel Verdugo possibilities considering its small size, this was a Chandler Motorway introduction for most.

Getting to it is difficult enough, but once you hit dirt, you’ll be out of all your gears as the grade stays in the high teens for the one km climb to La Tuna Peak.

With all the rolling hills, it’s hard to survey what’s ahead making it hard to find a groove.



The climb itself is only three miles averaging 6%, but with a number of brief dips, you’ll be spending the majority of Chandler in double digit pain.

Reaching the apex at the Wisdom Tree, it was clear this hill split up the group and the Verdugo Motorway climb still looms.

Oddly, the particulars are the same as Chandler when it comes to distance and average grade, but it’s a tad easier since the flat portions are easier to make up instead of dips.


Chandler Motorway: The slap in the face you never asked for.


Verdugo Peak is top of the segment as it’s the high point on this range which is well above the nearby Hollywood Sign.

The last few miles featured some fun weaving making our way down the Beaudry North fire road.

It’s a bit touchy as you get to the bottom as more hikers avail themselves as the road gets a bit more rutty.


You’ll find Eric and this crew of mountain goats on the Verdugos most weekends


The Verdugo climb could be enough for one day, but everyone loves single track more than me, so we went to Cherry Canyon to throw a little in.

After a few tough grades of dirt, the payoff was the Catalina Verdugo Trail that is a perfect blend of light rollers and whip it twists at what feels longer than the 2km of descending.

Everyone had smiles on their faces, as well as the look like our work was done for the day.

Thanks again for all that showed up for gravel Verdugos and March is looking to get even more gravelier with a couple of rides in Studio City and Orange County.