Burbank Channel Bikeway (Phase One)

One of the great things we do here at CiclaValley is take you across the county to have a look at all the great bikeways. So far, I’ve covered the Whittier Greenway Trail, Compton Creek Parts One and Two and Elysian Park.

With all this detailed knowledge, you’d think I would have covered something in the valley(Hey! I did do May Canyon). Sometimes, you must remember to look in the mirror to see who you are.

I’m Mr. CiclaValley! Where are my SFV bike path reviews? OMG! I have not been as true to my 818 roots!

That all changes today. I mean, now!

I’m getting to it.

BurbankChannelBikeway03Today, I’m taking you to the exotic locale known as Burbank. I use that term because Burbank is hit or miss to ride through. The Chandler Bike Path is a great start for cyclists, but if you’re trying to get through the city, it’s hard to find a route most riders would feel completely safe using.

A step in the right direction is Phase One of the Burbank Channel Bikeway. Covering just .4 miles, it doesn’t provide much in terms of connectability. That would be enhanced if Phase Two ever gets completed, but more on that later.

Spanning the length of the channel from Victory to Alameda, the bike path passes the eyeball test. Beautifully landscaped, well-maintained and filled with drought sensitive plants.

It both feels a bit narrow and undulates gently enough to suggest the design was made to control cyclists from hitting high speeds. You also have to remember though, this path serves more than just people on two wheels.

While I was out and about, there was a handful of people out there walking taking a leisurely stroll. The path actually BurbankChannelBikeway10abuts a number of houses, but the foliage does a clever job of hiding it. Another nice feature is how it integrates its connections to the side streets instead of seeming like an afterthought.

In it’s current state, the path is short enough that it probably doesn’t get much use for commuters, but Mr. CiclaValley would definitely welcome something like this in his backyard for an afternoon stroll.

Unfortunately, some residents do not hold the same sentiment. Over a year ago, I went to a Phase Two neighborhood meeting and a small, but vocal opposition, spoke out against this next extension which would bring another mile of bike path connecting to the Metrolink station(sounds useful).

Their complaints centered around the current state ,where kids & gangs currently use the unkept portion of the channel to mull around it. Their fear was that bringing in a well-kept, full lighted pathway would just encourage more crime. Queue BurbankChannelBikeway02my “Needle Off the Record” soundbite.

You can see for yourself first hand how the openness of Phase One is preferable for safety rather than the shelter overgrown brush can provide for the untowards. Plus, having more foot traffic from the residents can only deter any wrongdoing.

In either case, Phase Two isn’t completely dead yet and if you want to get involved, you should follow Walk Bike Burbank.

With its layout, Burbank has the potential to be a great bike community and this would be a positive step forward if this path continues. Hopefully, I’ll get to write part two soon.


Northern Entrance


Families, walkers use this path too


Southern Entrance