Mount Hollywood Drive Report Coming Out at Griffith Park Advisory Board Meeting

Thursday night, the Griffith Park Advisory Board meets at the Crystal Springs Ranger Station(map here) where Recs and Parks Supervisor Joe Salaices will reveal the Mount Hollywood Drive Pilot Report to the public.

If you’re new to this issue, Mount Hollywood Drive was opened to cars for a three week period where the road was overtaken by cars leaving hikers, cyclists and joggers to the side, not to mention the large piles of trash left along the way.

IMG_20150326_195215As some of you may remember, this is the same study where many cyclists complained about being left out of the process.

In other words, you’re going to hear a lot of opinions coming from people who drove to the park and given the timing, most of them were tourists. Given the lack of notification about this item, you may think there’s reason behind the timing.

At the Recreation and Parks Commissioner’s Meeting on July 8th, Salaices stated how various groups, including the Sierra Club and GPAB, were all consulted and that most were “receptive” of their findings.

There’s been a few GPAC meetings since Mount Hollywood Drive opened their pilot program, but this is one of the most important where cyclists, hikers and everyone that uses the park needs to speak up.

The meeting starts at 6:30pm and if you can’t make it, PLEASE spread the word.