Calling out “Baby on Board” Texter: CDL# 7RZD306

On my morning commute, I could probably post 20 pics of people on their phones just from Griffith Park to DTLA alone.

I can just imagine how many I would catch if I didn’t passively look over all the time.




In other words, I don’t have the resources to call out everyone, but when I do it’s gotta be something that stands out.

Riding on Sunset, I came to a red light on Figueroa seeing the car stopped in front with a “Baby on Board” sticker.




Now, I have videos of bad parents doing their thing, but this tee’d me off.

Calling attention for people to drive cautiously while endangering other’s lives is a bridge too far for me.

When I came up to him stopped at the light, he saw my helmet mounted camera and put the phone down.


Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 10.45.17 AM


But as we started to move, my camera picked up him texting again.

The windows were tinted, so I had no idea if there was a child in there, but either way shame on this guy.