Photo Gallery: Vibing the San Fernando Street Festival

It’s been two years since the Valley last had an open streets festival which felt like far too long.

While I’ve been desperate for any action in the Gr818, I didn’t want the next event to feel like beggars can’t be choosers.

There’s a lot of great spots to highlight in the SFV and the City of San Fernando is definitely one of them.




As one of the earliest towns in the Valley, there is a lot of great history and bones to this area.

Because Los Angeles is a huge place and this part of the Valley doesn’t receive the type of notoriety it deserves, whether people would show was a concern.

During the first hour, things looked a little slow, but like at CicLAvias, the action heated up after that.

The San Fernando Street Festival only covered three miles and featured a greater percentage of people, but it’s safe to say it was a big success.

Sure, I would have tweaked a couple of things, like shorten a couple of segments and extend MacClay to the northeast, but everyone’s a critic.

Here’s some pics from me being out and about at the day’s festivities:



 There were places where you had to be a bit careful navigating on a bike.



Plenty of activity at the Lopez Adobe hub.



People are into dancing. I wouldn’t know because there was no space for me!



Smiles for miles.



It’s safe to say Bike Metro made a few friends today.



Of course you’re going to get a Swee Ool sighting!




A lot of great chalk art on display.



You find a lot of empty bikes in front of business because people went inside…



 …like us at Tacos Way meeting owner Gabriel who’s featured in a number of entertaining videos.



MacClay was the main street for action….among others….



 Show stealers!



You could spend hours just browsing from street vendors alone!



Kids were having a blast on the SoCalCross kiddie course.



Bicycle made for three!


All in all, the San Fernando Street Festival got two big thumbs up and I hope this will motivate the Valley (and San Fernando) to keep holding more open street events.

And I’m sure a lot of people at the event yesterday would agree too!