CiclaFamily Catches Driver’s Crash on Video

Mrs. CiclaValley is not a frequent contributor to this site, so when she gets a mention, you know something big happened.

As you know, I’m a big proponent of cameras on bikes, but they’re good to use when you’re driving as well.

Last Tuesday on her way to work, she luckily remembered to turn hers on a block from this intersection before this happened:



It’s pretty blatant what happened here, but there’s a lot more you didn’t notice.

When the grey car got hit, it pulled a 180 and hit a construction vehicle with workers around.

If you watch the video closely, you’ll notice the car start to rotate as it pulls out of frame.

My wife first talked to the driver in the green car who was deeply in shock from the experience, but made sure that info was exchanged and there was video.

Then she headed over to the construction workers who were equally phased as the car hit their truck as they were standing aside.

The driver of the car then came out of the car and countered my wife’s claim that he didn’t run the red light.
Once she told him there was video, he got quiet real fast.




The other thing I’d like to bring up was how my wife drove.

Yes, she could have accelerated like the green car beside her once the light turned, but she waited to make sure she wouldn’t get hit by some inattentive driver.

This is where cycling has made me a better driver.

Sure, it wouldn’t have been her fault had she gone into the intersection, but she’s in much condition not getting hit.

Unfortunately, as a cyclist you don’t have that luxury and that’s why I’m always cautious of my movements even if I’m in the right.

Like I said, please get yourself a camera for every mode of transportation you use.