CiclaValley is on Board with Road Runner Bags

CiclaValley, is this really you?

If I could talk to my former self even a year ago, the prospect of adding any luggage or compartments other than a saddle bag 100% laughable.

I didn’t want to add any any extra weight to my bike….that’s counterproductive!

You can follow my renaissance from backpack to top tube bag to rear rack over this time period to conclude that I want even more.

I just hated carrying backpacks because they’d make my back all sweaty and I never liked the weight distribution either.


It’s always a good sign going into a business with bikes on the wall…


What I next needed to fill the void was a burrito bag to replace my Stashers bag because I wanted something bigger and my wife commandeered the one that we had anyways.

I remembered my friends Cameron and Cody were on the Road Runner Bags tip, so I thought I’d give them a look.

Little did I know when I looked them up on Google that they were just a block from my office.

So this is is destiny, right?

I was pretty impressed walking in, not just with the display or the great photography, but that people were working away making bags right then and there.

F yeah America!




I met Brad and Ester and while I wasn’t dressed bikey at all (actually more like a Blockbuster employee), positive vibes were flowing from both.

I knew I wanted the Burrito Supreme which is the larger of their two , but they didn’t have exactly what I wanted with me being all particular wanting a certain color combination.

Well duh, they make the stuff right there.

With ten different color choices to choose one, I decided to go goth with a black bag with grey side paneling because all my bikes are mainly black anyways.

I got my bag in a couple of days and I was off to the Sierras with it.


My Burrito Supreme is now a staple on most of my rides.


One thing Brad mentioned is that the bag holds a lot more than you think and his postulating holds true.

I had gels, a pump, two tubes, wallet, keys, spare camera and a jacket inside probably with room to spare.

Riding with it give a real sense of ease because the weight or aerodynamics don’t even come into play and I’m finding myself taking with me on almost all my rides because why not?

The thing I’ve found tricky about burrito bags is strapping them to your handlebars with all the different wiring going on with my bikes.


Plenty of other items to choose from…


There’s enough slack with the straps that I’ve been able to keep the bag tight and there’s still the freedom of movement while steering.

And in terms of craftsmanship, there were no loose threads and the zipper lining looks smooth, so it looks like mine’s going to last.

Road Runner Bags also has a number of other bags and accessories you can customize.

The holiday season is right upon us and if you’re looking for one of those stocking stuffers, a burrito bag is a perfect gift for the cyclist you love.

Or even me.