CiclaValley rolls through San Diego and the Cal Bike Summit

For years, Mr. CiclaValley suffered from the flat earth syndrome. The 818 was the center and extent of the universe. Nothing else really existed.

Later in life, I had my Truman Show moment that there was a world that existed outside the San Fernando Valley and it was called California. Which happened to exist in country called the USA, which then I discovered was on a planet called earth.

That was a lot to take in.

Not that I’ve assimilated to normal culture, like Brendan Fraser in Encino Man, I’m willing to travel outside my boundaries to learn more about the world of cycling.



Monique Lopez, Transportation Justice Policy Advocate for the Environmental Health Coalition, kicked off the conference

I’m down here in San Diego for the four day Cal Bike Summit, filled with interesting panels and hard working advocates from across the galaxy. I mean state(I’m still getting the hang of geographic boundaries).

The theme of the conference is “equity in motion” which is a very timely issue that needs to be confronted and will be addressed through the week at various angles.



Rolling through the streets with LACBC’s Executive Director Tamika Butler

Sunday was the first day and it’s a bit early to go into details(or that I’m under a time crunch), but it is great being around so many people that are pushing the cycling movement forward.

The most difficult part of the conference is having four different panels going on at once. So choose wisely.

Another developing problem I’ve experienced so far: No reference to Simon & Simon! A super glaring omission which in no way reflects how¬†bitter I am with Jon Hamm beating me to remake the opening sequence:

Damn you Don Draper.

Besides the conferencing, it’s nice to experience another city at bike level. San Diego faces their issues as well, but so far, riding across town whether it be on the street or at night has not been met with the same hostility I expect in LA.

In the next few days, I have a lot of exciting bike conference stuff to add, including a photo journal of my trip. Stay classy San Diego!