CiclaValley the Shoe Part 1: The 818

Life is art.

We may rarely come in contact with the physical aspect of it, but every day we make design choices that are unique..

What you wear, how you greet people, the beer you drink are all examples of the many expressions we make everyday that are individual to ourselves.

To grow as an artist is not only more self-involving, but also requires taking an journey of self discovery to expand not only your work, but who you are.

My origin story begins seven years ago buying my first real road bike and heading to Pedalers West in Van Nuys to figure out what I was doing.

I met Hector there Day One who was a not only a much cooler looking dude than me (who’s a heartbeat away from Dockers), but just an easygoing guy that everyone gets along with.

Since I go through a lot of parts, I got to spend a lot of time with him during those early years and not only got to know him as a friend, but as an artist as well.


Hector sporting his Merckx at CicLAvia


He would post pics of his work and while a good portion of his drawings are not the type you would share with kids, I could definitely relate to where he was going with it.

My dad is a mild-mannered midwesterner who graduated with a Bachelor’s in Art and I can see a lot similarities between both of them and how they questioned themselves through art.

On top of his paintings and illustrations, Hector occasionally designed shoes for our friends which seemed like too cool of an idea for me until I got hooked on an idea to paying homage to the Gr818 with a CiclaValley shoe.

I had some ideas in mind, but I really wanted to see what he could do (plus I have no idea how to design something on as strangely shaped as a shoe).

One shoe had to be Valley landmarks which is a difficult task as there’s many possibilities and time has whittled away some of the options.

I supplied some images of both young and old, but I know Hector spent a lot of time balancing quantity with placements.

The other shoe I wanted to stay Valley, but get more sideways in a specific way.

I really could go on in this post, but I’ll just let the CiclaValley shoe do the talking.


The Red Car, San Fernando Mission, El Camino Real and Sepulveda Dam on the inside



The Pink Motel alludes to the history of Highway 99, the CSUN sign always tripped me out and I’ve been a frequent visitor of Jerry’s Deli



It’s not just an area code, is it?



Besides being in Clueless, this Neon masterpiece is tied to a great beer selection too!



DAMMM!!!!!! Sepulveda that is…



As a kid, not a lot stuck out in my neighborhood, but the Carpeteria Statue stood out.



Let’s just say I’m partial to that Lobo



I forgot to tell him to put CiclaValley somewhere, but Hector was a step ahead.



If the Red Car was only around when I was alive….



One last overview.


Coming Thursday, the shoe’s on the other foot…