CiclaValley Update: I’m back!

Hey y’all,

Time’s been pretty short, but this is the summer period for me, so you’ll be seeing a bit more wordage coming your way.

I’ve been a tad busy the past month and have been able to squeak out about a column a week.

How I was able to pull of a Tour of California Preview in the midst of it all, I’ll never know.

Now I think I can get to two. Maybe three, if I half-ass it like this one.


The good news is that during this residency of dormancy, I’ve actually been working on columns….

…just not finishing them.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you can consider some of those shots previews of what’s to come.

There’s also a couple of great ideas that I finally hope to execute which will put me back on the proper path of world domination.

Tomorrow’s column (bank on it) is going to be one of my all time and here’s a little tease of what’s coming:




Also, if things shake out like they’re looking, I’ve got a lot of great rides coming up that I’ll try to inadequately describe in the coming weeks.

Welcome back summer!

At least until my daughter goes back to school….