Paul Krekorian’s Halts Safety Improvements on Lankershim

Angry is the word we’re all thinking of.

If you’re aware of the media cycle, Friday is the best day to release bad news because people are already in their weekend mode and may slack off in their reaction.

You can also earn double bonus points if you release the news before a holiday weekend as your audience is even more likely to be further removed.

So can you guess why Councilmember Krekorian sent out an email Friday indicating that the Great Streets Lankershim proposal that included protected bike lanes would be reevaluated?

While the bike lanes aren’t mentioned by name, the language in the letter is clearly against the removal of a traffic lane which would be necessary for this improvement.

The letter goes on to blame a lack of outreach which is a real disservice to the many hours and events LADOT and the Great Streets team have been behind.

What hurts in this letter is the use of the word, “sacrificing”.

Yes, Lankershim would be losing a lane, but in reality, these last two years have been a practice run since we’ve living without that lane and extra parking due to construction.



Just another one of those wacky¬†collisions in front of Krekorian’s office.


What are we really sacrificing? Lives.

You’ll never know the people you save, but you’ll never forget those who’ve died.

Placing the ghost bike in Studio City has not been something I can let go of.

Holding TWO Ride of Silences in Krekorian’s district have been important to the many people who have joined to help deal with their loss and suffering.

And yet, just a 33 second delay over 1.4 miles is enough to compromise a person’s lifespan.

I really question Krekorian’s leadership on street safety especially after the best he had to offer at last year’s Traffic Safety Summit was that we needed more street surveys to be completed so cops could give tickets on more streets.

Should I believe there is this whole other fleet of police sitting behind closed doors waiting to hand out speeding tickets?

I’d like to believe, but the reality is our force is already stretched as it is to make more of an impact.

Making infrastructure improvements in our street is the best investment you can make because they work 24 / 7.

What always gets me about the dissenters is why are they always against their own self interest?

I’m not just talking about saving lives of other drivers. That should be obvious.



Just some of the many events held for outreach before this proposal.


More lanes just subsidize home values for the people living further away while hurting the quality of life in your neighborhood.

If you haven’t read about induced demand, then you’re still lingering with flat earth knowledge.

You don’t have to look any further than to point how the 405 / Sepulveda Pass widening made overall commutes longer.

If you build it, they will come and they will all try to get on the freeway at the same time.

North Hollywood should be saying to itself, “I want locals to have access to our businesses” not “let’s move other people through”.

Especially, with all the current and future development flooding the area, the car is not going to be a useful tool with this type of density.

Do you want proof?

About a year ago, food trucks were allowed to set up two blocks off of Lankershim at North Hollywood Park on Thursday nights.

They’ve been a hit so far because they are easy to get to for those nearby.

At the same time, I’ve heard a few local businesses on Lankershim complain about this loss of business once a week.

In other words, serve the locals and they will be ready to be served.

Please read the more complete LACBC statement and voice your opinion because you must.

All we’ve seen in this area are low hanging fruit improvements or poorly laid out connections, so it’s time to give a project that improves safety and mobility a chance.

Please call Krekorian’s office at 818-755-7676 during normal business hours and voice your complaints.