CiclaValley’s 2016 Video of the Year

I post a lot of my own videos on here and unfortunately, a majority┬áthem don’t turn out to feature positive messages for cycling.

That’s kind of weird since I’m always pumping sunshine all the time.

I finally caught something that really put a smile on my face.

Last week, I was finishing up a ride on Willow Glen in the Hollywood Hills area when I saw another cyclist zip down the hill.

I mean cyclists.



Seeing a father – daughter combo bolt down the hill was a double take of double takes.

I was bordering on being late to getting home, but I had to chase them down because I didn’t believe my eyes.

If you’re unfamiliar you can hit some pretty high speeds going down Nichols Canyon.

It took me a bit to catch on, and when I looked down at my Garmin, they were easily hitting the 30 mph speed limit.

The tricky thing about descending here is navigating the speed bumps.

Not for these two as they attacked them straight on.

No fear.

The daughter also looked very relaxed with her hands dangling behind her seat as if this was no big deal.

Fortunately, I was able to pull up to them at the bottom just long enough to share a couple of compliments.

I couldn’t quite make out what brand bike it was, but it did have an electric motor which made sense since I wouldn’t know how else you could get that thing back up Nichols.

Now I know the year isn’t quite done yet, but since this clip has left me in such a happy place, I’m willing to call this my 2016 Video of the Year.

Of course, I would welcome topping it too…