Finish the Ride and Finishing Up ‘Cross this Sunday

The last month of the year never seems to be a pleasant one despite the holiday spirit creeping in.

It’s a mad scramble to buy your seasonal gifts, watch your available vacation schedule quickly get filled up and somehow end on a high note.

Well there’s riding this weekend and dagnabbit, it’ll make you feel good.

Finish the Ride is back in the San Fernando Valley for a second straight year and if you want to let it all out, there’s some options.

There will be rides of distances of 10, 25 and 58 miles with some new routes taking you westward.

If you want to throw on your rollerblades, you can also join the 10 miler.


If you want to get your ‘cross fix in before the holidays, this is your last chance.


For runners, there’s a half-marathon, 10k and 5k or if you want to mix modes, then you can sign up for the duathlon.

And if you think you’re bringing some that may be too young to do something, then there will be a kids zone.

As for me, I haven’t hit my yearly quota of cyclocross races (that would be one) so I can tell people that I’m a racer.

Yes, this will be the last ‘cross race for the year and hopefully my neck feels better than last weekend because I’m itching to get dirty.

And heckled.

And have a lot of fun.

You can sign up here for the Finish the Ride Holiday Challenge or go to the SoCalCross page if you’re going to race dirt.