CiclaValley’s Favorite Instagrams of 2015

Instagram. I didn’t quite take to it at first taking the snobby position that it was intellectually inferior to twitter. Choosing words over visual one liners seemed beneath me.IG02

As I continually meander around trying to understand the social media world, I realized a good portion of my friends were on “IG” and doing some pretty cool stuff, even hauling cameras to make their rides even prettier. Who am I to stick with my my pager-like technologies?

Below are some of MY favorite pics from Instagram last year, not that lazy “Best Nine” everyone got in on:

Something about taking charge over the Sunset Strip is pretty cool. With all that new construction going on up, they’re going to need more bikes to get around!

Who doesn’t know about the Radavist? Glad he’s out in LA and loved this shot of him taking in Fargo Street on this year’s edition of Feel My Legs.

Peter Sagan staying at the front of the #tourofcalifornia . #atoc15 #atoc #bikela #dtla #procycling A photo posted by ciclavalley (@ciclavalley) on

This year’s edition of the Tour of California was one of the most exciting yet! We’re fortunate enough that Peter Sagan chooses to come out here year after year. This was a photo early during the final stage with Peter taking it early before the fireworks began.

As I mentioned above, the race was so close that it came down to a photo finish that left the entire crowd palpitating waiting for the final result. Ultimately, Sagan barely got the sprint bonus by under an inch.

Ready to roll. My face is already frozen. #canada #london #bikecanada #cycling #bikela @pedalerswest A photo posted by ciclavalley (@ciclavalley) on

This was from my minor cycling adventure in London, Ontario. Me: super thermally protected. Local joggers: t-shirt and shorts. We pay big $$ to be spoiled here in LA.

Eldred St. is not only the steepest street in LA, but the 3rd most in our country. Did I ever want to climb it? No, but I got shamed into it by pro Phil Gaimon. I just hope now that he’s on the pro circuit that he’ll be spending more time in Europe and less time harassing out of shape cyclists!

I’m very fortunate to have Daniel Redwood as a riding partner, although with his increasing speed I may not be long for him.

Maybe the closest I’ll ever get to having dreadlocks!

If you’re not from the 818 or Santa Clarita Valley, you probably don’t know much about Camp 9. It’s a rite of passage for cyclists and always cool when the choppers are taking off.

I wrote about this earlier, but I always see Raoul putting his own time in to keep Mulholland clean. Give him a shout out the next time you roll by.

Really? All this within an hour’s reach of Los Angeles! Cue up Randy Newman.

What an amazing gift and I don’t even own a record player!

I love riding by LA landmarks when you’ve got a good moving peloton with you!

I don’t know why a lot of people like this photo. My friend is obviously hamming it up climbing Little Tujunga. Where is the sweat?

Corral Canyon really is this beautiful. And this steep. Avoid if you want to keep your lunch.

A last second qualifier, but CV Jr. officially became a cyclist on New Year’s Eve! And yes, I adjusted her seat after this photo…

I’m not going to hate anymore. I check Instagram a few times a day now. That is, until the next big thing comes around