What CiclaValley Brings to You in 2016

Its a new year and its already looking like this will be CiclaValley’s best. Or my worst.

Its only my second year or its either going to be feast or famine. Truth be told, year one for me was like the plot line from all those A.I. movies. Basically, I was just trying to see if I could become self-aware.

The good news is I must have done something good. In the number of days that make up the year, some of my articlesPasCiclavia05 got noticed, especially my CicLAvia previews.

Still beyond all the pulp journalism, I have some bigger goals in 2016 that go beyond just the interworlds. Can I go into intense detail? Shame on you. This is just a preview.

Sit back and prepare to froth at the mouth as I do my first tease of 2016:

  • There’s a couple events I plan on putting together. The first one I’ll mention is holding a valley edition of a worldwide ride that will take place in May. While I maintain my vagueness, if you know enough about the cycling world, this is an important ride and its about time it’ll come to the 818.
  • Some might remember that the design work for the LA River Bike Path from Griffith Park to Lankershim was supposed to be in design development by late 2015. Yup, I didn’t hear anything about it either last year. My goal for 2016: find out what the (censored for lack of creativity) is going on.
  • The CicLAvia preview will be back. In fact, I’ve already started it. That may clue you in that it’ll be bigger and IMG_20150322_113835bolder than last year’s. No, I need every second to get ahead.
  • There will be no Donald Trump coverage. I know mentioning Donald Trump is key to gaining web traffic nowadays, but I will not stoop so low as to keep using the name Donald Trump multiple time to gain hits.
  • CiclaValley plans to return to road racing again with the Bicycle.net racing team. The year has already started off on a sour note spending a week of my planned intensive training schedule held hostage by a stomach flu that had several iterations. At least you’ll learn what I think about in during those long, vacant periods after I get dropped.
  • What I alluded to in my first tease, in March, CiclaValley will be creating not just one, but two new holidays on the same day. These ideas excite me so much, that I really have to hold back for now. I’ve only revealed the plans to a selected few, but so far, I’ve gotten severe thumbs up. Sorry for the tease, but its for your own good. Just mark down late March on your calendars.

There will be more, but this is a lot already on my plate. If CiclaValley continues to grow at this rate, I may even consider exponentially adding to my staff.