CiclaValley’s Most Read Articles of 2015

The internet is all about analytics and the kind of audience you find. CiclaValley hasn’t really been into that. I’ve made some great connections through this blog and that’s enough for me.

Still, I was a bit curious to see what struck a nerve over the year. Surprisingly, my most popular articles came during the first part of the year, back when CiclaValley was still earning his chops.

The other thing that doesn’t surprise me, people like video, especially when it’s about something going wrong.

What moved your needle? Read ahead to find my top 5 most read columns of the year!

5. Valley CicLAvia Insider Travel & Business Tips



Where else would you go but here to get all the inside dish on the valley? On the downside, I set a pretty high bar that’s going to be pretty hard to hit for the March 6th CicLAvia in Pacoima/Panorama City. Does anyone want to fill their resume?

4. The Case of the Disappearing Los Angeles Bike Lanes


This was one of my favorite articles too as I got to use 80’s sound effects in the video! Needless to say the problem still hasn’t been resolved as you’ll still see a police car or two along this stretch. Maybe get ride of the median and all is well!

3. Worst Bike Lanes in Los Angeles: Forest Lawn Death Trap


Forest Lawn Drive is still a death trap. At some point, the LA River Bike Path will help avoid these terrible stretches, but until then wipeouts like these will be common for cyclists.

2. The Mother of All CicLAiva Guides


This was my overloaded coup de grace. A CicLAvia in my own backyard? How could I not cover it all? I’m still living in its afterglow.

1. Definition of Irony: Distracted Driving Collision during Milt Olin Ride


Not only was this my most read article, but also my most watched video by a large margin. Nothing gets people’s attention more than capturing a collision on camera. I do plan on writing a one year follow up on the article in February.