CiclaValley: The Year in Pictures

Like you, I’m starting to wrap up the year and taking┬ácare of the tasks at hand while trying not to look too far ahead. Here are some of the pics, not necessarily my best, but what illustrate some of the big things that happened over 2015.

Sit back and enjoy the time machine.

Ciclavia The Valley CicLAvia was a huge hit. Cyclists cover the streets of Ventura & Lankershim and came out asking for more!


There were well over a hundred cyclists that came out for the Ride of Silence in Pasadena. There needs to be something like this in the valley…



I’m near death, Phil Gaimon is all smiles after surviving Eldred St. and its 33% climb.



This is Peter Sagan on the last stage of this year’s Tour of California right before he thrilled us in one of the most exciting race endings that led to his overall victory.



Just something that caught my eye out at UC Irvine.



This is actually from CiclaValley superfan Doug John as he watched Le Tour as the combatants hit the cobbles.



Guess what? Biking to Dodger Stadium is way faster than those guys in cars.



I got hit in the Hollywood Hills. I guess I didn’t do a good enough job blurring out who was involved.



Rob Stotts of H & S probably spends more time on two wheels than one.



Ah, San Diego. I went down for a bike convention and what am I going to do?




I wish I wasn’t going so fast to take a better picture, but the Redwood Regional Park was amazing!




That’s Neil Shirley on the far right just a couple of laps in before he tackled his Everest Challenge of climbing 29,000 feet in a day.




Ah, Cyclocross. Why?

2016 is going to be a big year and I already have a few surprises plan. Stay tuned!