CiclaValley’s Photo Journal of Stage 2 of the Tour of California

Watching pro racing up close is one of the most abstract things to view in person.

It’s not just the fact that you only see the racers for a few seconds, but that you have very little context about what is happening?

How tired are they? Who’s team has been doing the most work? Is the peloton taking the breakaway seriously?

There is a lot going on, but I haven’t got a clue about.

Despite all this, there is one thing I know, watching the Tour of California go by is one of the coolest things.

First of all, I don’t care which political party you support, but every time a President rolls through, there is such a sense of pageantry from the procession that you know you’re viewing something special. The Tour of California doesn’t seem that different.

Sure there’s no Secret Service around, but you can stand within tackling distance(don’t do that) of the greatest cyclists in the world.

Plus,┬áthere always is a party atmosphere at the top of these hills that somehow finds a collection of adult beverages. The moment may be fleeting, but I’m always excited to see the race pass by.

Here’s a little photo journal from the day:


The day started off with my friend Daniel, Brian and Raffi(VolarActive) out of Toluca Lake. Daniel isn’t really winded yet.


We made our way up the ‘Crest, but not too high. We wanted plenty of time to reach Little Tujunga.


Yeah, we got there early and there were a few stragglers around as well.




The break came early with a group of about twenty riders trying to latch on.


With about 85 miles until his victory, Ben King is already in the lead.


The peloton is very angry. Or indifferent. I can’t tell at these speeds.


Sir Bradley Wiggins is in Day Two of his vacation. But he’s got really nice shoes.




The line of support cars is endless. Until it ends. But that takes a really long time…


Brian went home, but we sprinted our way on Foothill Blvd. to get to Little T.


A bunch of other cyclists were on the road making the journey up Little T as well.


As popular as the current Pope is, I think he’s let┬ástandards of the Roman Catholic Church really slip.


This couple races for KOM points. They must have a healthy relationship.


I love the idea of this car coming by early to give race updates. I’d be terrible at this job making too many Blues Brothers references though..




Hark. What light through yonder breaks?


Ben King leading the way of this breakaway.


I can’t remember if I made choice words to Sindre Skjoestad Lunke for losing contact with the breakaway. The look on his face suggests that I did.


The peloton starts their chase with 1km left to the peak.


Peter Sagan sitting here in fifth with about an hour left to wear that yellow jersey.


The crowd is really pumped up to see everyone go by.


Valley guy Phil Gaimon making it look easy.




Sprinters hang in the back…


Sagan’s team not really worried about keeping contact with the peloton.


The sweep vehicle rolls by, meaning the day’s festivities are done. Thanks for another fun experience!