Up Close Tour of California Video

There’s two ways to see a bike race: stand on the side of the road and take in all the glory or having your eyes affixed to a camera taking cool shots while the peloton rolls by.

Well, there’s actually a third option. Put the camera down and hit the record button as they roll by.

Since I have a surplus of cameras, why not put them to good use for Stage 2 of the Tour of California.

Both times, I had my GoPro set up on the far side of the road out of harms way while recording at 60 FPS.

Meanwhile, I placed one of my Drift Cameras on the side of the road to catch them narrowly rolling by.

Yes, I did place the cheaper camera on the road, but I always placed it in front of a hazard so that if they hit the Drift, then they were going off the road anyways.

I love all the different angles you can watch the race and when the day comes that you can pick up cyclist’s footage live, my mouth will really begin to froth.