CicLAvia the Valley – The Day that Was

Simply amazing. Earlier in the week, it seemed like all doom and gloom, but somehow, the gods shone their ever present valley light on CicLAvia Sunday as we knew they wold.CicLAPac00

I think most people were ye of little faith and weren’t expecting that the rain would hold out, but after about an hour in, people started showing in droves. And why shouldn’t they? This is CicLAvia!

If you want to know how fortunate we were, just think about how hard it’s raining today and what that would have been like for Sunday? I wouldn’t like to be struck by lightning either unless it turned me into the Flash. Even then…

While this may not have been the most attended event to date, but I was really happy about the turnout considering people: 1) were planning around the rain 2) didn’t know much about this end of the valley. Still, there were a lot of locals experiencing CicLAvia for the first time wanting to come back for more.

Anyways, here’s a Mr. CiclaValley eye’s perspective on the goings on the day:


This was 7:30am and the clouds were already gone. I had to go north from the Pacoima hub to grab some coat hangers from a drug store when I didn’t realize until passing Myke’s that the section across San Fernando Road got lopped off the course. On the way back, I had to avoid the flooded road, so that probably had a lot to do with that.


Not only was this one of the first custom bikes I saw for the day, but he was rolling in the cold part of the morning in just a tank. His Laker pride would be rewarded with a large upset win over the Warriors later in the day, so maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here?


No doubt. Things filled up pretty quick later in the morning.


Was it just me or did I see a lot of kids driving in these cars? Is Bob Gunderson responsible for this? I don’t even see a license plate!


The Panorama Theater always make a great backdrop cutting through the sky.


I loved this, but I would have gone a step further and made it into a Dogg Pound.


Arleta High School was definitely a stopping point midway with performances going on throughout the day.


I know this is supposed to be a fun ride, but under no circumstances should you own a superhero cycling kit.


There is no such thing as curling season. For Hollywood Curling, it’s curling all day, everyday.


Pacoima City Hall was a real hub of action. Their Sustainable Saturday got added to Sunday, there was music and dancing around the clock and just a great place to sit for a break!


I would say standing room only, but what do I say when I have to wiggle up some stairs and thrust my camera through two rows of people just to get a shot of these dancers?


Tall bikes representation: Check.

CicLAPac03The Panorama City Hub had a healthy crowd at all times. The soft serve ice cream truck had a long line, so I had to find lunch elsewhere.



There’s no numbers to back this up, but this might have been the CicLAvia with the highest proportion of those on rollers.

CicLAPac10I guess Plaza del Valle was hit or miss. The first time I went by, the plaza was crowd filled watching dancers. When I get by, it looks like a mic check is going on.


May or may not be the Militant Angeleno?


I had a blast out there again. So glad the valley came out to represent and I’m already looking forward to 2017! And once again, it’ll be another shiny day.