CicLAvia to the CC: Venice to Culver City

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been two years since CicLAvia reached the sea, but this weekend you can finally cease pinching yourself.PasCiclavia05

Westside pride is back with a vengeance. On first glance, it may seem like it’s the same course glimpsing at the map. Once again, it starts out of Venice and heads diagonally towards Downtown, but look closely and you’ll notice it ends at the Culver City Expo Rail Station.

Another key difference is how the course shifts off of Venice Blvd. at Centinela to Washington Place until it merges with Washington Blvd. I applaud this as Washington gives a greater glimpse of a flourishing downtown Culver City than Venice does.

On one hand, you may complain that it’s four miles shorter than the previous incarnation. If you’re a glass half full person, then it’s 100% Westside.

Mr. CiclaValley used to be a property owner in these neck of the woods, so I do have a bit of insight to offer, just not a lot of time to write about it.

Tito’s Tacos is regularly a must, but with the added crowds, it’s acceptable to have a hall pass for the day. Johnnie’s Pastrami is another institution you should frequent, but you may have to do extra couple of CicLAvia laps to burn it off. Ugo for gelato will be the proper place to cool down in the afternoon.

I’m also curious since everyone will be cruising by the NFL Network studios if they’ll be doing anything special? When is it not ever football season?

For more detail, I defer again to Militant Angeleno or StreetsblogLA(when they post it) for the finer points.

I can tell you that it’ll be hot and water vendors should make a killing, so remember to bring your own. Also, check out my CicLAvia checklist so you don’t look like a rookie.