CicLAvia to Van Nuys / Pacoima?

In case you don’t follow the trades that closely, today the LA City Council Transportation Committee will be discussing the funding of future CicLAvias.

Part of it is for the next CicLAvia on October 18th, covering the familiar Heart of LA route, but there are a couple of other Ciclaviainteresting things on the agenda.

Thanks to Dennis Hindman, the Nate Silver of cycling, for alerting me, but part of the item to be discussed is a valley event to happen in March covering both Van Nuys & Pacoima.

How do I know? Look here.

That’s all the details there are, but you would have to imagine that it would largely include Van Nuys Blvd. and seeing how no CicLAvia has ever crossed a Metro Line at-grade, it would have to take place north of the Orange Line, just above Oxnard.

Another interesting wrinkle is that while there’s no Metro Rail along this stretch, it would be the first CicLAvia to have a Metrolink stop directly on the course.

Mr. CiclaValley would give this highly speculated route two thumbs up.

This would be another homecoming of sorts, since I went to Van Nuys High School some centuries ago and I frequent Pedalers West a good deal. This will also open people up to Pacoima and all the fine work that Pacoima Beautiful has done as well.

All this has made me excited enough that I may start next year’s preview now. Militant Angeleno be warned….