Cyclists Giving Back: Clean UP Mulholland w/ Phil Gaimon

Mulholland Drive. What would I do without it?GaimonClean01

This historic road doesn’t just serve as the split between the San Fernando Valley and the westside, but also as one of the most favorite roads used by cyclists.

Mulholland provides some of the cities best views and still seems untouched in several places. That is, except for the trash.

Pro cyclist Phil Gaimon gives a damn and is teaming with LACBC and councilman David Ryu’s office to do something about it.

Next Saturday, December 12th, cyclists, well wishers and whoever else cares about our environment will be meeting at 9am at the Hollywood Bowl Overlook to clean the section between Cahuenga and Runyon Canyon. Here’s me descending through that area. Aahhhhh! Finally some smooth pavement:

Gloves, rakes, trash bags and pickup are being provided by Ryu’s office, you just need to get yourself there.

If you choose to drive, parking at the Overlook is limited, so you may have to find a spot closer to Runyon or near Outlook.

A group will also be cycling there from at Universal City Metro Station at 830am. A few things you should know if you’re biking:

  1. Bring a change of shoes. Cleaning up sucks in cleats.
  2. Bring a lock. We don’t want any bikes stolen or accidentally thrown away.
  3. No, this will not be a Hammerfest. Nice and easy.


This is how exhausted I was with my last cleanup with Phil. Or climbing Eldred. All I know is I lacked oxygen

The cleanup will end around 11am when everyone who participates gets a free cookie from Sweetsalt and 20% off of food.

Most importantly, this is a great opportunity to show that the cycling community cares and wants to give back. If you want to join, find more details by RSVPing on the LACBC page now.