LACBC Open House this Thursday

Two years ago, I started my turning point becoming more involved with the cycling world. I was fervently following Ted Rogers and Streetsblog about the growth of cycling, but had yet to enter the community.

Following the news, I naturally would hear LACBC mentioned frequently and knew they were involved in a lot of exciting things.

My first contact was through three degrees of separation as my parent’s neighbor’s daughter was involved with LACBCOpenvolunteering and suggested I come to a valley ambassador meeting.

I made a couple of these gatherings, connecting with many like minded people. You could feel the level of enthusiasm for the growth of cycling, but I wanted to know more.

My opportunity came when I heard of their Open House at their downtown offices. Not wanting to go solo, I roped a couple friends into dinner before going in even though they really weren’t cyclists. I’ll apologize to them now because once I got in, I didn’t really spend much time with my friends from that point on.

The venue was packed with very little elbow room. Many of the people who I frequently read about were there and all the names came to life. I made a lot of acquaintances I still have today and learned about what was happening citywide.

To say that the LACBC Open House didn’t help jump start my entry into the cycling advocacy world would be a Johnny Manziel level lie.

Even if you’re not looking to reach CiclaValley status, it’s a fun time and not far off the Red Line. The Open House runs this Thursday from 6pm to 10pm and is free to all members. Non-members pay just $10 to get in, but why not sign up for membership for a little more while you’re there? You can RSVP and find more details here.

Hope to see you Thursday night.