Dream Collaboration: State Bicycle Co. and the Simpsons

Am I too snobbish to buy a novelty kit?

Not anymore.

When I caught eyes of this collaboration between the Simpsons and State Bicycle Co., I pretty much knew my wallet would have a cow.

While family life has eroded time allocated to watch the TV, I have a deep love for this show.


This jersey gives you hours of entertainment. Like the show!


Besides watching it religiously in its heyday and reruns, I also have to reveal the fact that my dad used to work on the show for a number of seasons.

That not only meant Simpsons parties, but exclusive swag people only affiliated with the show would get.

My Itchy and Scratchy bag was so dope, I almost got mugged for it.

I love the seat stays.


I know I still have collectors items stored away which will make it all the more sweet when I dig them out.

As for this collection, they have something for everyone.


The jerseys are pretty sweet and priced at $69.99, that’s going to make me consider getting more than one.

How would I be able to put in an effort wearing the Valentine’s Day jersey without constantly saying, “I Choo-Choo-Choose You”.


Valentine’s Day Jersey


I’m still giggling.

The bikes look really sweet too, especially the color block which cleverly abstracts all five members of the family.

If you can’t afford a complete bike, you can grab a frame or even grab a ton of accessories.


Color block socks.


How would the bar tape not look sweet on your bike or even those color block socks!

This is a limited edition, so you better get those dollars ready before you go D’oh!