Eye Catching Cycling Photography

Photography has become quite a thing on a bike. There are often the times when I’ll be panting up some remote road when I’ll see another cyclist coming by caring a giant SLR along.

A little self reporting here: I’ve tried my hand in it as well, but partially under the guise of running this website. As much as I try to rip it out there, I try to take in my environment on my rides and it’s fun to share photos of where your bike can take you. I guess you could do that on a motorcycle too, but then I’d feel like these guys.

Here are a few pics from people I follow and who do it very well.


Jeff Fox:

•c l i m b i n g t h e w a l l•

A photo posted by J E F F F O X (@fox_photo) on

•w a i t i n g o n o n e• A photo posted by J E F F F O X (@fox_photo) on

Jeff Fox has a marvelous eye that catches more than just two wheels. Whether it’s landscapes, sunsets or the built environment, Jeff is always able to capture images from a unique perspective. We’re just lucky he likes bikes too.

Ryan Wilson:

A late morning on Flakstadøya #bikepackinglofoten A photo posted by Ryan Wilson (@rmdub) on

Ryan Wilson is another local who does fantastic work with shots from around the globe. I have yet to meet him, but I would definitely say his photos are masterful. What’s even better that he uses his bike to take these shots.

Natalie Starr:

From Colorado, Natalie was recently out here to explore the hills and take some great non-wintery photos of our landscapes. All of her shots from back home definitely makes you think there should be no offseason for cycling.

John Watson(The Radavist):

Ain’t no party like a GSC party cuz a GSC party don’t stop. @goldensaddlecyclery #GoldenSaddleCyclery A photo posted by The Radavist (@theradavist) on

Although we want John Watson to continue his adventures around the globe, we’re glad that he landed in Los Angeles to mix in some local flair. The Radavist is a daily must read and if it isn’t at the top of your bookmarks, leave this page now!
Daniel Hutchinson:

What’s up Los Angeles! #lasucksforcycling #outsideisfree #teamdreamsunsetchasingteam #roadslikethese #stravaphoto

A photo posted by Daniel Hutchinson (@danielredwood) on

Night Lem. #outsideisfree #natureismetal #riplemmy A photo posted by Daniel Hutchinson (@danielredwood) on

Young Daniel is the student that I could never be in architecture school. Able to find the proper balance of composition and minimalism, I would love to have an empty room in my house just to frame one shot.