Griffith Park Plan Comment Period Ending & Burbank Bridge

This is no broken record.

Not one action will save Griffith Park. It takes dedication to win this campaign because there are many battles to be fought along the way.

If you want any evidence of things being taken away from you in one full swoop, look at the debacle in Burbank. The GriffithPlan03good folks at Walk Bike Burbank have been working hard on this issue and cyclists were even willing to walk their bikes across, but that wasn’t enough.

It should be a right of way issue as first on the bridge gets to cross because I’d feel uncomfortable even walking next to a horse on that span, but no. These animals now have more rights than certain humans.

The fight for cycling and hiking along Mt. Hollywood Drive in the Griffith Park Plan I’ve detailed before and some of you may have written in, but many people wrote in  before the plans were officially released, voiding their comments. The period for submissions ends Monday, February 22nd, so why not act now?

Leaving your comment only takes seconds and there’s a template below with all the emails necessary. If you only give a few moments here and there, we can win this thing:

SUBJECT: Griffith Park Parking & Traffic Plan

As a cyclist and hiker who regularly hikes and rides Mt. Hollywood I urge you all to not open the Mt Hollywood gates to city shuttle traffic. It will create a hazard for equestrians, hikers and cyclists on the Mt. Hollywood Drive, will disturb the serenity of one of the most popular trails and areas of Griffith Park, harm the environment and needlessly congest a wild area.

Thank you,

(your name)

General Manager, Michael Shull: MICHAEL.A.SHULL@LACITY.ORG

Superintendent of Griffith Park, Joe Salaices: JOE.SALAICES@LACITY.ORG

Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners:RAP.COMMISSIONERS@LACITY.ORG

LA City Council Member David Ryu: CD4.ISSUES@LACITY.ORG

Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks: