Greatest Cycling Feat in History?

People do all types of crazy stuff, so much so that it takes a lot to catch your eye. Last week, when Ted Rogers posted a link about a 52 year old breaking a 75 year old world record of cycling 75,066 miles in one year, I was intrigued.

Then I was fascinated. Amazement came into play too. Just like you, I had to think about the math and once I saw the KurtSearvogelnumbers, I was even more astonished.

Two hundred miles a day. Everyday. Every single day. That’s twelve hours on the bike.

No weekends off. No vacations. It’s just eat, sleep and cycle.

Besides the physical aspect, most of the miles was put in the appropriately named Flatwoods Wilderness Park in Tampa. Talk about Groundhog Day, doing the same ride over and over and over everyday.

I saw how difficult doing the Everest Challenge was first hand, even just completing a quarter of it. The mental aspect of trying to keep focus while your body is working against you can be the hardest part of all.

Lose a bit of your concentration and next thing you know, you fall over and break an ankle. Look at his profile on Strava. Do any one these rides excite you?

And yes, somewhere along the way, Kurt Searvogel found time to get married, albeit to his ride crew chief. Maybe the ceremony was held while he was refilling his bottles.

While you can argue that this is the greatest feat ever, you may still have to tip your hat to the previous record holder, Tommy Goodwin, who Searvogel beat only by a mile. Remember, this was 1939 where the technology was way behind what we have today.

Still, it’s an amazing accomplishment. Even if I could somehow physically pull it off, I don’t think I could dedicate a whole year of my life to it. Kudos again to Kurt Searvogel and let’s hope no one else tries anything this crazy!