Local Volar Active Returns with New Socks

If some of you can think back all the way to last year, you’ll remember that my excellently executed holiday gift guide might have been timed a little late. It was posted in plenty of time for those last minute XMas orders, but for those celebrating Hanukkah, you were SOL. I should have known better.

The reason behind the delay came from trying to include Volar Active’s next line of socks into my list. While I had pictures of the product, I didn’t want to post them before their release. Seeing how I was relying on people not to give Star Wars spoilers for two weeks, I considered it good karma.


Sock designer Rafael sporting his own Latigo Piuma socks

Now that we’re so deep into January, I can finally spill the beans and show my love for Volar 2.0.

The first sock of mention is the Latigo Piuma design that commemorates two of the greatest climbs in the southland. Once again, Volar maps out the route, which if you look closely, also includes the iconic Rock Store climb. The sock is a bit more abstracted than previous editions and looks a bit wintery with the mountains looking like snowflakes, but it compliments the woolen fabric.

Number two is the Cubes┬ásock, which as you know, fits my aesthetic. I love simple, architectural designs and blue is myCubeSocks favorite color. My guess is you’ll also see me wearing them this summer in my non cycling attire as well.

I’m not saying I’m leaving the best for last, but damn!!!! Even if you knew nothing about cycling history, this classic design blended with the old school colored orange is a beauty for the eyes to behold.

Inspired by cycling legend Eddy Mecrkx’s 1972 one hour record set in Mexico City, these socks match the classy aesthetic from his iconic Molteni Arcore jersey. Now I’m thinking, why did I buy only one pair?


Did I ever imagine caring this much about socks in my lifetime? No, but Volar Active gives me reason.

If you didn’t get enough, also check out the piece I did on his first line of socks.