Help Save Griffith Park in Seconds

I want to make this fast. We need people to email to show our numbers. It’s as simple as this:

  1. Copy the email template below
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My friend Steve Meister, an attorney who you’ll see frequently giving analysis on the news, came up with a simple letter that you can copy and share. There are a few details you can alter, but it’s short and gets the point across(note: I deleted the 2nd paragraph):


As a cyclist and hiker who regularly rides and hikes Mt Hollywood I urge you all to not open the Mt Hollywood gates, on the Valley and Observatory sides, to private vehicle or City tram traffic. It will create a hazard for cyclists, hikers and equestrians on the Mt Hollywood road, will disturb the serenity of one of the most popular trails and areas of GP, and needlessly congest a wild area.

Tram, private vehicle transit or parking on Mt Holllywood will crowd the road too greatly, be a new source of air pollution and will add to the safety hazards cyclists, hikers and equestrians already face in other areas of the park such as Fern Dell.

Thank you,

(your name)


General Manager, Michael Shull:
Superintendent of Griffith Park, Joe Salaices:
Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners:
The reason we're doing this
The reason we’re doing this