Mount Hollywood Drive Fiasco

Yesterday, I took my first stroll up the “New” Mount Hollywood Drive. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, cars are being allowed on this previously closed to vehicles road that has been very popular with hikers, joggers, cyclists and horseback riders. This “pilot program” snuck up on everyone, which is a move by the Beachwood Canyon folk to deter┬áHollywood Sign traffic from their neighborhood.

The result: if you don’t have a car, you’ve now become a second class citizen on Mount Hollywood Drive. It’s one thing to adjust to change, but another when that change impacts your safety.GPCars

Going up at a slower pace, I still felt threatened by a couple of cars passing behind. With no speed limits posted, it seemed like some of the cars were hitting over 25 MPH, especially along the beginning downhill section.

You can also clearly see that all cars are put in the awkward spot of making these five point U-turns in order to exit Mount Hollywood Drive. This is just one video, but you can see the recipe for disaster.

What angered me most, was seeing the kids smoking along this closed off area. I almost didn’t pay attention except catching the first cigarette being flung off to the side.

Just watch the video before my anger takes hold:

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