Holiday Bike Ride with Walk Bike Glendale & LACBC Family Sunday

There is a couple of trends that seem to be popping and I’m glad they’re on the rise:

Holiday and family rides.

You could probably throw any word in front of “ride” and I’d be for it, but these two are strong this time of year.

LACBC Family is partnering with Walk Bike Glendale this year for their 6th Annual Holiday Ride this Sunday and this should be a fun time for all.

First of all….lights!



Bikes. Lights. Walk Bike Glendale!


Unless we’re talking electric billboards, who doesn’t love them?

The question is do you like them more on houses or bicycles.

That’ll be moot too because you’ll be getting both, so if you’re rolling don’t forget to accessorize your bike.

The other great part is that this is a great ride to bring your kids along.

All you have to do is use a simple formula:

kids + lights + bikes = 3x(fun)

It’s a six mile route, so if your child is just getting into cycling, then you might want to put them in a seat or use a “tag-along” and of course, if you’re under 18, bring a helmet.

If you want to learn more about the family friendliness of the ride, check out this interview with Walk Bike Glendale’s Chair Steven Nancarrow.

Another feature if you’re unfamiliar with the area is that we’ll be rolling through the Rossmoyne District which will have a number of fully decorated homes as well as some classically 1920’s styled architecture.

Because Glendale squeezes in and around a number of hills and mountains, most outsiders wouldn’t guess that this is LA County’s third largest city, let alone having a number of distinctive, articulated neighborhoods.

Yup. Glendale gots plenty of hoods.

So even if you’re bah humbug on the holidays, you will still enjoy the ride for all the visual flavor.

Lastly, we’re pretty lucky that our winters aren’t too frigid here, but still a free hot drink will still be welcomed.

We’ll be stopping at Gauchos Village in downtown Glendale for some hot cocoa and treats before we turn our way back to finish up the ride.

So come meet us this Sunday night at 5:30pm starting at Nibley Park (1103 E Mountain St.).

We’ll be rolling exactly at 6:00pm and returning around 8:30pm.

Bring your holiday spirit and I’ll see you Sunday!