MacLeod Ale Cycling Jerseys For Sale

If you ever head to the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition’s business partner page, you’ll find a number of entities that provide discounts to LACBC members. One of the newest and most welcome partners is MacLeod Ale Brewery in the heart of Van Nuys.

Offering a great selection of their own british style ales, MacLeod’s has turned into an instant hot spot which the valley badly needed to add to its limited brewery scene.

While they offer a range of selections, Mr. CiclaValley has taken a likening to their smooth porters after years of being an IPA/Belgian drinker.

Another bonus if you’re a cyclist are their desirable jerseys, which I didn’t do justice with my camera phone. The base color is a very dark gray with a hint of brown.

The jerseys are from Champion Systems going for $79. MacLeod’s has to order them in groups of ten, so come in an sign up!