Weekend Roundup in Cycling Pics (Avoiding Rain)

If there is one thing that always makes the top of local news, it is the possible threat of trace amounts of rain. This weekend, we lucked out for the most part. Mr. CiclaValley even became Mr. CiclaValleys for a day making into the heart of Simi.

Here are some cycling pics and other highlights around the city:

From photographer Jeff Fox via Facebook:

When in Hollywood – Audition


Orange is the New Black

The last Lord of Griffith race took place on Sunday. Needless to say, it was well attended:

Your winners of the last lord of griffith #log666 #leftvisions #lordofgriffith A photo posted by Pedro Izquierdo (@iskierdo7) on


  The always popular Firecracker 10k Ride also got a reprieve from the rain:  

Winning the style award over the weekend, was C.I.C.L.E’s Tweed, Moxie & Mustaches Ride rolling out of Heritage Square:

A 1915 Bavarian mounted soldier escorts his lady, both astride Flying Pigeons (!!!). #tweed

A photo posted by Flying Pigeon LA (@flyingpigeonla) on