Marathon Crash Ride is Back

Pitchers and catchers are reporting. What already?MarathonCrash

You say that every year, not able to fathom that baseball is back before you’re ready.

This year you can say the same thing about the Marathon Crash Ride. To be fair, this has to do with the run being moved up a whole month. Maybe it has to do with the marathon’s uninspiring new logo.

Regardless, the early morning madness is back on and for sure thousands will show. Let me go to mention that this is a lot of work for Don Ward to put together with little benefit to him. This new Bernie Sanders angle seems to have reinvigorated the ride no matter what your leanings are.

Of course, Mr. CiclaValley cannot endorse any presidential candidate, since I’m apt to enter the race at anytime. Although, I am super tempted to dress in full Trump regalia to see if Don Ward’s head would explode, but I’m not looking to contribute to the Donald as of press time, although those hats look sweet in an 80’s type of way.

If this is your first rodeo, prepared to be prepared. It’s not a race, although some dummies treat it like one, like you’re going to get around cop cars. While it’s a lot of fun to be riding in a big pack, some people up their joy level reducing their alertness meaning S happens. My friend caught some of the madness on his GoPro last year. Pay attention to the 3:45 mark:

As for me, I was out there as well last year, that is until one of the links in my chain bent:


I did catch a fair share of the action on the sidelines though:

 Am I making it out there this year? Playing it by ear. I’ve been waking up at 4am in the morning for no reason lately, so might as well make use of it.

The ride will meet at the previous Tang’s Donuts on Sunset at 4:30am and roll at 5am. For more info, go to the facebook event page.