Action Wednesday: Get the Mobility Plan Through

It’s Code Black.

Westwood Blvd.
Westwood Blvd.

I saw a Super Bowl ad for a show under the same name where the doctors are outnumbered by patients twenty to one, but yet there’s still a lot of sexual energy around the workplace.

I’m still confused about the meaning of Code Black, but let’s just agree to there being some level of urgency to get things done.

Tomorrow, City Council will be weighing in on some final amendments into Mobility Plan 2035.

The first is from regressive transportation advocate Paul Koretz still taking the fight against bike lanes on Westwood Blvd. With little parking at UCLA, a large student and working population and a dormant commercial area, you’d think adding bike lanes would be the biggest no-brainer in Westwood Village. Let NIMBYness prevail.

The other comes from Curren Price’s office to remove Central Ave. from the Mobility Plan as well. I imagine the new scheme would cut down the street from four lanes to two, but I really believe it will help the flow.

Right now, Central gets bottlenecked up and down because of a lack of turn lanes, meaning cars merge to the right lane MobilityPlanfrom the cars wanting to go left. At the same time, since sidewalk space is narrow, you’ll find a few bikes in the road making a more jumbled cocktail with everyone searching for their own space.

By adding bike lanes and substituting the two car lanes with a center turn lane. Traffic will flow far easier. And safer.

There are two things the cycling community asks of you:

1. Email the City:

Please let those above us know this is important and needs to be done today. LACBC put together a sample email that you can just cut and paste(including your info). You’re also able to write up your own, but please BCC in your email:



Subj: Support Mobility Plan 2035 with bike lanes on Westwood and Central

Dear Commissioners,

I strongly support the Department of City Planning’s staff recommendation, which keeps Westwood Blvd and Central Ave in Mobility Plan 2035. This plan takes a balanced approach to providing high quality transportation options by providing complete, functional networks for people using all forms of transportation. It would be inappropriate to piecemeal these networks, which would undermine the overall goal of the plan to provide safe, accessible, and reliable transportation for all people. Both Westwood and Central have high numbers of people biking who deserve safe infrastructure to ride on. Keeping them in the plan is a commitment to study them and engage the community about the future of these streets. Taking them out at this time would cut off much-needed community dialogue about how to make these streets safe for everyone who uses them.

I urge you to support the staff recommendation and maintain a balanced Mobility Plan 2035.


Your Name

Your Address

2. Show up to the meeting.

We need strength in numbers. The City Planning Commission is meeting tomorrow(Thursday) at 8:30am at City Hall. Come ready to speak and join a number of other concerned cyclists as we voice our need for safer streets.

This is another important meeting, but we’re about to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s make this happen.