Rapha Showcases California: Video & Pop Up Store

I love the electronic age. It used to be that you’d have to spend boatloads of money if you ever wanted to shoot those gorgeous, expansive videos in exotic locations.RaphaVideo02

Maybe now it’ll just cost you just a singular boatload, but we’ve been seeing a lot more ships out to sea.

Stylistic cycling clothier Rapha got into the act recently by releasing a video showcasing a few riders doing an epic climb up the Eastern Sierras.

It’s enough to inspire you to grab a few friends, ignore your family obligations and enjoy getting lost while hoping your chain doesn’t snap.

Of course, they’re wearing various pieces of Rapha’s line and avoiding helmets to show it off even more.

If you’re not too familiar with their gear, you may recognize it from all the press they got outfitting last year’s Emmy ride. Where can I get a SAG card?

Rapha Collections 2016 from RAPHA on Vimeo.

It’s an inspiring video, but the funniest thing I find is the lack of diversity in the riders, unless you count moustaches and accents as variants.

It’s no surprise that Rapha is targeting California as they opened up a two month pop up store on Abbot Kinney(surprise) this past weekend.

Mr. CiclaValley doesn’t really own any of their cycling gear, but I respect their style. There aren’t many bells and whistles with their designs, but they have really mastered simplicity while making it look elegant. And you’ll pay for that too. Still, they have a cult following and even their own riding club, if buying kits for everyday of the year gets boring.


Rapha pop-up in Venice(Photo: Doug John)

My only venture into any of their products was purchasing a long sleeve jersey that was too tight around my bulbous chest and too short for my alligator arms. At least they have a 90 day return policy.

I’m not as much westside fabulous anymore, but if I’m ever in the neighborhood, how can I deny a look? Just remind me not to bring my credit card.