Why the Cycling Community is so Bitchin’

If you caught any glimpse of my blog the last week, you’d know that I was leading LACBC’s Sunday Funday Ride from NoHo to Pacoima to preview CicLAvia.

I won’t go into the specifics about the ride, although I’ll probably cover it somewhere on LACBC’s Blog, but I do want to speak to why cycling is so awesome.

We had a much larger group show up than I anticipated, but what was great was the vibe. There was a variety of bikes, CiclaValleyRide01ages and skill levels out there, but we simply rode together because that’s what cyclists do. Heck, we even got people to join who happened upon us!

Who doesn’t have fun when riding in a big group? While this wasn’t the most exotic route ever(for utilitarian purposes), it’s great when you ride with a presence and you just speak to whoever’s besides you even though you’re constantly always changing positions.

You get to reconnect to old friends and make new ones. Cycling is so blessed to be this social and the best part about it is it happens organically.

I want to thank my crew of ride marshals who came out to help. CicLAvia’s Clarke Miranda, Kevin Hopps and Walk Bike Glendale’s Steven Nancarrow did an excellent job keeping everyone in order and keeping the ride safe. I also want to mention super ride marshal Jason Hurst, who shows up to every ride and it’s a real plus to have that level of experience at your hands.

Lastly, a special thank you to my dad, who did a fantastic job helping out getting organized and helping with signatures. He’s not a cyclists, but just loves to be there for his son. It’s something I try to carry over with my family.

This was a lot of fun. We didn’t have a lot of time to put this ride together, but it sure happened in a big way. Let’s do it again!