VIDEO: Metro Driver Thinks I’m Invisible + More!

What a morning.

Normally, I go straight to work, but since I was in early I decided to get some health enhancing yogurt for sustenance.



Little did I know all types of things would happen.

First, I got honked at by a driver who disagreed that I belonged in the road, followed by her cutting me off.



Obviously when you disagree with someone on the road, you’ve got to threaten their lives to be taken seriously.

After picking up said yogurt (I’ll throw in a plug for Earthbar), things got even worse moments later.

Taking a lane (entirely legal when there’s no bike lanes) in downtown normally isn’t as harrowing as other places since vehicles really can’t maneuver that fast.

The biggest obstacle is having drivers inattentively changes lanes on you.

When it’s a professional driver, that really irks me.

Actually, it irks me more that the driver PASSED ME and didn’t notice me.



Oh yeah, don’t use those turn signals after you’ve moved into my lane.