Stand Up to Support Bike Lanes on Winnetka Wednesday Night

The Valley can definitely use a more robust network of bike lanes and is glad one of our councilmembers is taking some initiative.

Bob Blumenfield who represents the southwest corner of the 818 is looking to add a mile of bike lanes along Winnetka Ave.

It’s not the longest of additions, but it’s more about the x’s and o’s that makes this important.

The segment up for consideration stretches from Victory Blvd. up to Vanowen which would connect to 4.5 miles of bike lanes to the north where Winnetka terminates at Devonshire.

Just as important as this extension is the connectivity provided in this stretch.

Crossing this portion of Winnetka is both the Orange Line Bike Path and LA River Bike Path, two great east-west bikeways to get across the Valley.

Furthermore, there is a Orange Line station located there as well, not to mention that Pierce College is right across the street.

While bike lanes are great for cyclists, it’s important that mechanisms like these are added to calm streets.

Last year, I helped place a ghost bike in the middle of this area after two cyclists were victims of a hit-and-run riding home late at night from work.


Winnetka Ave.


This was a vastly different ceremony than the previous ones.

First, not only was there a lot of people present to pay their respects, but also neighbors who came and spoke up about the various dangers this stretch on Winnetka harbors.

Also leaving a big impression was a visit from Councilmember Blumenfield himself.

It’s very difficult for a politician to face a vulnerable crowd sorting through their feelings of loss, anger and confusion.

He has been the only elected official who has taken part of one of these ceremonies I’ve been involved in and for that I have a lot of respect (and let me add staffer Jeff Jacobberger for being an incredible leader as well).


Winnetka ghost bike placing.


When opportunities like these arise, it’s important that the cycling community shows up to make an impact.

Unfortunately, these are rare making it more vital that you show this Wednesday night.

The workshop takes place at the Winnetka Convention Center which is also home to the Winnetka Bowl on the corner of Victory and Winnetka (duh) from 7pm – 8:30pm.

Will CiclaValley be there?

Gotta backup my words.

See you Wednesday.