My Bike #Winning against Cars

Cars: the most efficient form of transportation!

… if there is no traffic, were carbon neutral and no other impediments in the way among hundreds of things.

I have a core route I take into work everyday, but now and then, I’ll make some slight deviations to mix things up.

On Tuesday, I was in an improvisational mood first taking in the Yucca St. Bike Boulevard in Hollywood.



It’s definitely the best way to get from Hollywood & Highland to the Vine area via any type of transportation except arguably the subway.

My Miles Davis consistency continued to deviate as I scrambled in the hills north of Franklin ending up on steeper roads than normal.

I took Briarcliff into Griffith Park which hits a staling grade of 17% that is unfriendlier when you’re hauling all your work goods.  



A little past the painful part on the climb, I was passed by a car going faster than what I’d consider safe on these narrow, blind cornered serpentine roads.

Before the driver could get out of sight, he got caught in a lineup I regularly see in these parts.

Normally, it’s garbage pickup, construction or some form of city services blocking the way, but today it was something different:



Needless to say, the gardener and I shared smiles as I passed through.

As for the other drivers, I can’t say what their expressions were.

They were too far behind….