Spectating the Nichols Ride…Again!

Here I go again on my own.

Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known…mostly on Sundays.

Yes, it’s great to get in one of the best rides in the area to help close out the weekend and I was gearing to do it.



I’ve actually not completed a Nichols Ride yet this year having crashed out in January and then shooting photos a couple weeks later due to said wrecked bike.

Also of note, this past Friday I rode up the portion of the course affectionately known as “the Wall” and noticed that LADOT had just added a new stop right in the middle of it.

That is not a welcoming spot to halt progress because one of the keys to making that recovery once you hit Mulholland is to have the most momentum possible to limit your heart from exploding.




So this Sunday, I had a small window to do the ride, rush home and shower in time to make my family’s extremely early departure for my daughter’s first dance recital.

Of course, realizing the night before that readying a five year old takes a lot more handiwork, I knew I had to get home earlier than I wanted to make this happen smoothly.

So instead, getting some early miles in and shooting pics was the best choice I had, especially since I have a new (used) camera that I was trying to figure out.

Yes, mistakes were made and I did use a little photoshop, but at least I ended up understanding my camera a little bit more after this experience.

Without further adieu….



First group rolling through.



The chasers seemed to be having more fun….



A “not Lance” sighting.



Probably not on the ride, but I needed the practice.



The chase is on.



Close that gap.




My Go Pro may take better pics than me!



Nichols0618_08 I didn’t notice the Pinarello while shooting.



Fun was had.




Maybe my favorite shot of the day.



And thumbs up to you my man!



Don’t forget the view.



…and I’ll close it out on this smiling Moots master.