Applauding Beverly Hills Raised Crosswalks

Beverly Hills Raised Crosswalk

Raised crosswalks feel like a European thing because they are pretty foreign to our landscape here in Los Angeles.

The idea that Beverly Hills would be leading the way seemed inconceivable years ago, but if you look closely, you’ll find more than meets the eye.

Three months ago, I was riding up Loma Vista which I categorize as one of the toughest mile-ish climbs in LA.

It’s a steep street that gets annoyingly steeper every time you think it’s going to let up.

At the same time, drivers can really barrel down, so much so that it has it’s own runaway ramp.

To help mitigate speeds, a couple of mini traffic circles have been added with a plastic, orange bollard in the middle (not pictured, but placed later).

Do these offer any real physical protection?

No, but it does get driver’s attention and can be done at a really small cost meaning you could add a lot of this type of infrastructure and make a difference.

The Santa Monica Boulevard improvements have been years in the making and I’m glad to see how it’s turned out.

Long has there needed to be a viable cycling link through the westside, yet in order to achieve this, Beverly Hills had to widen the street in a few spots to accommodate a new lane.

Not something you hear too much.

After a little back and forth, the road now has fresh Kermit and now West Hollywood and the City of LA are adding to this connection.

This is a real slow corridor to navigate if you’re traveling by car, but just even stopping by mid-morning, I could see a number of people biking by making better time.

North of the boulevard is an improvement that doesn’t catch too many people’s eye in these raised crosswalks.

While in a way they act like speed bumps, but I like the direct message it sends that streets aren’t just for cars.

Off the top of my head, I can think of a number of off street paths in Redondo Beach, Compton Creek, Bellflower and El Segundo that could use this treatment, but it shouldn’t end there.

Imagine if this was the norm in your own neighborhood around schools, business zones and other walkable areas.

Beverly Hills, like the rest of us, still has a long ways to go, but let’s keep pushing these steps in the right direction.