Ride this Sunday and Continue the Search for Keith Jackson Hit and Run Driver

I wrote this on Wednesday, but waited until Thursday to publish.


My work flow for CiclaValley ain’t consistent and sometimes it takes me awhile to get things out.

It’s normally not a problem, but there are times where details change and I have to go back and rewrite most of the damn thing.

The major note as I write this is Saturday’s hit and run crime of Keith Jackson is still unsolved.

I’m writing this now hoping that somehow that changes by the time I publish this.

Unfortunately, as time passes, the odds of catching the assailant exponentially decreases.

Still, this isn’t a moment to give up hope.

There is one thing we know.

A black Mazda SUV is out there with damage to it on the front.

Someone has to see this.

Yes, Los Angeles is a big city, but how many other cars do you see in a day?

All it takes is one person and the wider we stretch our web, the better the odds.

Remember, there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to the driver’s arrest, so that should be another incentive that helps find this person.




The other thing you can do is to come join Finish the Ride: in Honor of Keith Jackson (Facebook page here) this Sunday.

Big kudos goes out to Damian Kevitt and Dayna Galbreath of Streets Are For Everyone on such short notice.

The ride will meet out of the LA Zoo parking lot in Griffith Park at 8:30am, and roll at 9am.

We will then ride the route Keith was on towards La Tuna Canyon Road where he was hit.

The whole ride is 32 miles and is free, but mind you La Tuna is a steep road and for experienced roadies.

For those unable to tackle the climb, there is a shorter 20 mile ride with a lot less vert to it.

If you can make it out, please support this ride Sunday.

Hopefully, we’ll find this criminal by then.