Weekend Round Up: Forest Lawn Drive Improvements, Finish the Ride & WBG Holiday Ride

There was a lot going on this weekend, so much so that I didn’t even get to do Feel My Legs this year.

Let’s get to it:


Forest Lawn Improvements

It’s no secret that Forest Lawn Drive is one of the worst streets to bike on in the City, with bike lanes no less.

I saw some work being done Sunday morning, but it didn’t look like a large work crew or if they were tearing apart the street.

When I saw this last night, I thought I might have missed something significant:


  That looked promising until I actually rode it. All they did was repave a couple hundred feet of roadway with out really touching the bike lane.   ForestLawn2   Of course, when I rode it there was a bunch of debris, so not really a net gain for cyclists. There was some promising work on the north side of the road where it appeared they smoothed out the two rooted sections that forces you into the roadway.  


You can see the small road improvements on the other side.

This is a welcome improvement, but there is still a lot of work to be done on this road to make it safe.

And a big question, why does it need to have two lanes in each direction?  



Finish the Ride: In Honor of Keith Jackson

As many of you have known, the hunt for the criminal who hit and ran Keith Jackson a week ago Saturday still continues.

To help raise awareness, Finish the Ride and Jackson’s family quickly put together a ride this Sunday to spread the word.



Finish the Ride’s Damian Kevitt with Keith Jackson’s son Chris

It was short notice and pretty windy, but there was a big crowd out for this ride, including a number of people who just showed up to the start.

Kudos to Damian Kevitt and Dayna Galbreath for all the hard work.

On top of a couple of members of LAPD speaking, it was great to have State Assembly Member Laura Friedman speak.



State Assembly Member Laura Friedman speaking.


She’s definitely at the top of the list for making our streets safer and I’m sure she’ll continue to have an impact.

On the ride, I also noticed a special bike I saw the Radavist post a day earlier.

This Stinner just looked so beautiful, it was a head turner.

I met the bike’s owner Erik and he was like a proud father.



 Ooooh, that Stinner.


Once again, it was a great showing by the bike community.

If you want to see more pics from the event, check out Troy Templin’s page and donate if you choose to use his images.

Remember to be on the lookout for a Black SUV with hood damage and share with friends.

Also, sign the petition to make La Tuna Canyon a safer street.


Walk Bike Glendale + LACBC Holiday Ride

Last night was also Walk Bike Glendale’s 7th Annual Holiday Ride with LACBC joining the mix.

This is my second time and this year’s was an even larger crew, especially from the youngin’ side.

It was such a large group, that we got some lookielu’s step out of their homes to see the crowd roll by.

This photo doesn’t actually show the whole size of the group because some people left early, but you get the idea:




CiclaValley brought the family along and we had a blast as CV Jr. was pretty stimulated by all the music and lights.

At the midway point, we stopped off at Gaucho’s Village which not only had the richest hot cocoa I’ve ever drank, but a whopping amount of food ready for us too.

Thanks again to Steven and the rest of the Walk Bike Glendale crew for doing a fantastic job of putting this together.