Whammy Nominees for December’s Worst Driver of the Month

I know what you’re thinking..

Isn’t it early to be that time of month to hand out the Whammy?

No, even though there’s still some December left.

Since this is only the award’s second month, I’m embracing the lack of structure and will do whatever I damn please.




From my experiences, there are no clear winners for December.

Just a lot of losers to put it correctly.

So much so, that I figured why not let you, the listeners decide.

I probably could have had more than five, but it can be crazy driver overload.

Vote in the poll at the bottom and let’s see if we can agree who’s the worst.

Or maybe call them all bad people.



#1 Jerk Driving in Bike Lane



We’ve all seen this move before.

Someone thinks about driving in the bike lane inching their way as they slowly evaluate their decision.

As cyclists, you have to anticipate this selfishness and this driver delivered this illegal move without of course bothering to use their turn signal right in front of me.

I find it funny that once they give themselves permission to break the law that they decide to gun it as if they’re free from any other jerk doing the same thing.


#2 Jerk Bears Down on Walker



The roads in the Hollywood Hills just west of Griffith Park are windy and in bad shape limiting driver’s speeds which can be seen as a good thing.

Any homeowner must be used to this lack of progress especially with the amount of construction all abound.

On this ride, some local was walking his dog forced into this narrow passage in the middle of the street because of trucks and no sidewalks.

It should be no big deal, but I could see this Range Rover riding right up on him and honking their horn too.

I might have just stopped and gave a long stare back if I was walking.

You also have to give me points for saying, “Hey dude! Chill!”

So Californian!


#3 Jerk Driving in DTLA Bike Lane



This video is pretty similar to the first, but although this maneuver didn’t happen directly in front of me, you could make the argument that it was more dickish.

Once again, a driver cuts off a cyclist to advance in a bike lane, but this time there’s a pedestrian presence as well.

Running the light to get ahead of a couple of vehicles is a desperate move.




Of course, he didn’t make it all the way through because bike share occupied the parking lane (kismet).

The camera doesn’t pick up his further transgressions pulling the same move up the road or seeing him talk on his cell phone as I went by (forgot to bring my memory card for my other camera).

Needless to say, this Lexus driver seems pretty experienced not giving a damn out there.


#4 Jerk Doesn’t Slow Down in Crosswalk



Coming home on a Friday night from the NoHo Station, I ride a few more sidewalks than normal because I’m tried from a full week.

I’m also aware of it enough that I take things super easy as an added safety buffer, but there’s always some super jerkface driver to balance the force.

On top of nearly coming to a full stop here, I had from front light and Lumos helmet on.

Still, as I gingerly entered the intersection, I had my 6th sense attune that the driver wasn’t going to give a damn.

To top it all if, she smiled as I went by!

#5 Jerk Reads Paper / Almost Runs over Walker



Distracted driving may not have been invented in LA, but it probably was perfected here.

This woman decided it was of best practices to read her paper while stopped at the intersection.

At the same time, I could see the scenario play out where the light would change and she’d completely be unaware that a person was crossing in front of her.

Fortunately, the guy walked at a slower than normal pace, but there wasn’t much of a margin separating this from becoming a disaster.



Pretty straightforward.

Make your pick for worst driver and the results will be finalized on Sunday, Dec 31st 11:59 PM:

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