CiclaValley’s 2017 in Pictures

Why do you try to make life so easy Instagram?

I fell prey like everyone else looking at my “best nine” pics for 2017 which is based on likes.

It did work pretty well, but looking back on 2017, some of my best memories didn’t make the cut.

This was a year that not only featured a great number of new rides, but expanded my horizons for goals in 2018.

Here’s a look back at the best of times and the bester of times:


I started off 2017 with my first New Year Day’s ride up to Mt. Wilson. Of course, it was snowy and Red Box was as far as logic would take me. BTW, that frame is for sale if anyone is interested….



Is this not the best turn in LA? With a fast turn left, both Downtown LA and Griffith Observatory swing into view:



I’m still far behind on my posts, but my September trip in Somona right before the fires definitely reshaped my planning for 2018. This is the famous Coleman Valley Road. Just pure bliss:



The Gravel Mob was an epic event that really showcased the beauty of Ojai’s gravel scene. Unfortunately, the Thomas Fire hit just weeks later ravaging Sulphur Mountain Road:



One of my favorite new rides of the year was going up Pacifico Mountain. It was just underneath the threshold of a tough climb and you could see the Eastern Sierras in the distance:




In its ninth year, this was my first time at the Mike Nosco ride. It was a huge event and everyone was ready to suffer:



Who would have thought this corner would become famous? So La La Land:


I overall had a good, but short race season. After nearly winning my first race at the Santa Barbara RR, the dude in front of me crashed got wobbly on some movement and crashed ahead of me. The ups and downs of racing:



I love this shot because you can’t have more fun on your face than Nils and Kirsten had….even while straining at the top:


With all the fires lately, we tend to forget it was quite rainy earlier in the year. This picture looks so unreal how green it was in Griffith Park:



This could be a photo of the last Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Ride Ever! No seriously this year….



This was a morning ride on the hills above San Luis Obispo. Did I plan to get a sunrise this awesome? No. Sometimes you just can’t sleep and gotta ride:


This was the last ride I did with Bernd before he moved back to Germany. I never rode ACH east of Dawson’s Saddle and it’s even more epic that what you’ve covered.



Oat Mountain in the northwest portion of the Valley has some trippy landscapes you come across:


Plain and simple – dirt is undefeated:



This was a fun ride with Golden Saddle Cyclery and the folks from Specialized. Let’s just say they know how to show off what the Sequoia can do:



Gotta end with Pacifico Mountain again with Baldy in the background. Let’s have more epic rides like this in 2018!